U.K. Number 1 Album !!! 30 Sep 2016

YOU UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL BRILLIANT WONDERFUL BUNCH OF LEGENDS !!!!!!!!! thanks to you guys my album “young as the morning old as the sea” is the OFFICIAL NUMBER 1 in the UK (my home), NEW ZEALAND (where we made the album) and i can’t say for sure ….. but looking good for AUSTRALIA (my second home) too !!!!!!!!!!!! ( aussie chart announcements are tomorrow so i’ll be able to confirm soon)

i can’t fucking believe it ! i thought if we were lucky we might get one but to get two or even three is absolutely insane . i’ve been walking around giggling to myself all day ….. I just can’t get my head around it 🙂 in some ways i think this is the biggest achievement of my career . everything surrounding “let her go” was of course insane and maybe in some peoples eyes far bigger than this success , but this for me is my best album and for it to go in at number one in multiple countries just on its own merit with not a huge amount of radio play / hype etc makes me so unbelievably proud ….. not to mention the whole springsteen thing too ….. RIDICULOUS (i hope he doesn’t hate me 🙁 )

words can’t express how grateful i am to all of you , wherever you are , for buying , streaming and supporting the record over the last week you’re the reason this happened . i am truly blessed to have such an incredibly supportive and loyal fan base . i will never be able to thank you all enough . i hope you don’t mind but i want to quickly thank a few people who have made all of this possible …. chris , ben , rob , pete , solo , The Once , everyone at Roundhead Studios New Zealand and all of the people that were involved in making this album .

a massive thank you to dan , rebekah , tim , fran and everyone at my fantastic management company ie:music . i know david would have loved this too – we shall raise a glass to him this evening . to martin , chris , annette and rachel and all of the Cooking Vinyl team . tony , billy and everyone at Warner Music Australia and new zealand . to terry and the guys at Nettwerk Music Group and also joe , jo , karren , bc, manuel , dave , colin , wadey , katie , marty , irena and all of our partners around the world .

I’m so lucky to have you all in my corner . thank you for believing in what i do !! to ed for the advice and keeping me sane this week and to stu , jarrad , bryan , simon , thomas , cheesecake , greg , james , matt , ant , jevo , jake , ian , and all of my amazing passenger family . finally all of my love and thanks to my mum , dad , sister , bob 😉 , osc and all of my wonderful friends and family . ok , I’m done , and i will leave you alone for a bit i promise .

thank you !!!! mike xxxxxxx