Whispers II 24 Mar 2015


hello everyone ,
so the big news is that in just under a month’s time i will be releasing my new record whispers 2

I’m so excited to get it out in to the world and for you guys to hear it !

the truth is i’ve been sitting on this album for ages as all of the songs were written and recorded at the same time as whispers which is the reason why it feels right to make it a follow up rather than a separate entity all together .

there are ten songs on the album (plus 6 bonus tracks if you get the deluxe edition … no pressure haha) and as i said , these songs have been around for a while so some of you might know a few of them already . i’ll post a full track list up and go in to more detail about all of this over the next few days ….

the most exciting thing that i need to tell you about is that i’ve teamed up with Unicef UK and i’m delighted to say that all of the profits , from every physical and digital sale of whispers two goes directly to helping malnourished kids in liberia. (please check out this link if you want to find out more www.unicef.org.uk )

hopefully this is a win win situation where you guys get a new passenger album and the money you spend on it goes to helping people who really need it !!

i’ll be releasing this record on my own label (black crow records) which is really exciting as it means that every penny of profit can go to where it is most needed .
if you’d like to you can preorder physical and digital copies from the webstore, amazon or iTunes

i was lucky enough to have the exceptionally talented bryan dos reis on the road with me for the european tour at the end of last year . in our spare time we went about making a few really simple videos for some of these new songs .
i’ll be posting one up every week from now until the release of the album to give you guys an idea of what to expect …..
this first one is called traveling alone . i hope you enjoy it / don’t cry too much 😉

there is no marketing team or big record label behind this project so please , if you like the video and want to spread the word about what we’re doing , feel free to share this with as many people as possible !!

thank you all so much for reading , watching and listening .
loads of love .
mike xx