Year on Year, Day by Day 10 May 2020

Hello everyone !

Hope you’ve all had a decent week and that you’re all feeling ok .

Here is yet another new song 😳 its called “year on year , day by day” and its just a bunch of jumbled up thoughts about life and love and death ….. just all of the little stuff then really haha …. I really love it , I think it needs a bit more work but I wanted to share it with you all in its raw form ….

Really hope you like it and as ever I really appreciate you all sharing it with your friends and family if you can !

I’ll be live at the slightly later time of 7:30pm (uk) tonight on my YouTube channel to play a bunch of cover songs – you guys voted for some absolute beauties 🤗 this will be the last live stream for a little while so it would be great to get as many of you tuning in as possible ! Here’s the link if you need it –

Loads of love and see you tonight .

Mike xx