San Francisco 22 Sep 2014

hey guys , here is the 7th and penultimate video from our north american tour series .
this one is quite different in a few ways . firstly , its not a classic (yet) secondly its not by an american and thirdly my good mate stu larsen takes the lead vocal …. as its his song 🙂
it felt wrong not to do a version of this as its so beautiful and SAN FRANCISCO is such an important spot for stu .
this i think is my favourite from his new album VAGABOND .
i remember hearing it for the first time and feeling like i’d heard it a million times before . straight away it had an incredibly classic feel and even after hearing it night after night i still absolutely love it .  i hope that it will eventually get to the much wider audience that it deserves . in the meantime , please feel free to share it if you can !!
stu is a phenomenal musician and one of my dearest friends .
he’s playing shows through north america over the next couple of weeks and then a few in europe towards the end of the year so please do yourself a huge favour and get out to one of them if you can … all details at
thanks to the usual suspects – bryan , chris , dan , thomas , the once , simon and russ and a big thank you to alex for stepping in with the lighting !!
thank you so much for watching and listening .
mike x
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