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T-shirt Bundle

T-shirt Bundle

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This is a pre order and will be released on 10th November.

This bundle includes: 

- Signed Deluxe Double Vinyl
- Signed Deluxe CD
- Your choice of “Let Her Go” or white "Life’s For The Living” t-shirt
- Digital Download

1. Things That Stop You Dreaming (Anniversary Edition)
2. Let Her Go (Feat. Ed Sheeran - Anniversary Edition)
3. Staring At The Stars (Anniversary Edition)
4. All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition)
5. The Wrong Direction (Anniversary Edition)
6. Circles ( Feat Gabrielle Aplin - Anniversary Edition)
7. Keep On Walking (Anniversary Edition)
8. Patient Love (Anniversary Edition)
9. Life’s For The Living ( Feat Foy Vance - Anniversary Edition)
10. Holes (Anniversary Edition)
11. Feather On The Clyde (Fest Nina Nesbit - Anniversary Edition)
12. Things That Stop You Dreaming (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
13. Let Her Go (Feat. Ed Sheeran - Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
14. Staring At The Stars (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
15. All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
16. The Wrong Direction (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
17. Circles ( Feat Nina Nesbitt - Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
18. Keep On Walking (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
19. Patient Love (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
20. Life’s For The Living ( Feat Foy Vance - Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
21. Holes (Anniversary Edition Acoustic)
22. Feather On The Clyde ( Feat Nina Nesbitt - Anniversary Edition Acoustic)

*Digital download include tracks 1-11 only

About Watts Of Love: 

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