The Collector's Bundle

The Collector's Bundle

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Released on 8th January.

Every album order made through the webstore will gain you 1 ticket to an exclusive, one time only broadcast of Passenger from the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. The Live broadcasts will take place on Jan 10th 2021 and you can choose from 3 time zones.

This bundle includes:

- Deluxe Double LP
- Deluxe Double CD
- Deluxe Digital Album
- Ticket to exclusive broadcast of Passenger at The Royal Albert Hall
- Exclusive illustrated A5 print of the lyrics to ‘The Way That I Love You’
- Exclusive designed natural Tote bag
- Exclusive White Enamel Mug

We will be donating one tree for every order made through the Passenger webstore. See your impact at

All Vinyl & CD packaging and bag/wrap and sticker are made from 100% recycled material, bag/wrap and sticker are biodegradable.

All illustrations designed by Sarah Larnach.

Track listing:

1. Sword From The Stone
2. Tip Of My Tongue
3. What You're Waiting For
4. The Way The I Love You
5. Remember To Forget
6. Sandstorm
7. A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted
8. Suzanne
9. Nothing Aches Like A Broken Heart
10. London In The Spring
11. London In The Spring (Acoustic)
12. Nothing Aches Like A Broken Heart (Acoustic)
13. Suzanne (Acoustic)
14. A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted (Acoustic)
15. Sandstorm (Acoustic)
16. Remember To Forget (Acoustic)
17. The Way The I Love You (Acoustic)
18. What You're Waiting For (Acoustic)
19. Tip Of My Tongue (Acoustic)
20. Sword From The Stone (Acoustic)