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New Album ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ – Order Now

July 26, 2017

NEW ALBUM ‘the boy who cried wolf’ out friday and available to ORDER NOW
CD / vinyl –
Digital –

ITS OUT !!!!!

September 23, 2016

my new album “young as the morning old as the sea” is OUT NOW !!!!!

it feels so so good to finally get this little guy out in to the world . 

its been an amazing journey so far . i’ve had the pleasure of working with the most fantastic people in some incredible parts of the world and i really do feel that its my best work to date . i hope you guys agree 😉 

you can grab cd , vinyl and digital copies from my jazzy new website and its on spotify and iTunes etc too .

if you do like the album then please do me a massive favour and share it with your friends and family . you guys are always so amazingly generous with this stuff and it really does have such a huge impact .

thank you in advance for listening , buying , sharing , streaming and for the incredible support . 

hope to see as many of you as possible over the coming year of touring .

loads of love .

mike x

ps we’ll hopefully be streaming some live tracks from the album launch this evening uk time so look out for that !!


Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea

December 2, 2015

hello everybody ,

just thought i’d share another new song / video with you 🙂

its called “young as the morning , old as the sea”

we filmed it in TASMANIA which is one of my favourite places in Australia . i’ve always loved busking and playing gigs there and whenever possible getting out to explore its beautiful countryside .

the song touches on a few different countries and landscapes and while it wasn’t practical to visit all of them , i think tassie’s incredibly varied scenery does a pretty amazing job at portraying them all .

massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography for coming on the road again and capturing the world around us so beautifully and also to my friend mem for picking such epic spots and for driving us around / putting up with our insanity .
thanks also to Discover Tasmania for lending us the chopper 😉

really hope you guys enjoy it and as ever – your likes , comments and especially shares are hugely appreciated !!!

thanks for having us tassie and see you folks at the odeon theatre in february ….

lots of love . mike xxx

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.52.15 pm


June 30, 2015

hello everyone , sorry this has taken a while but just to say that you can now get your hands on WHISPERS 2 VINYL and in fact whispers vinyl box sets which include both whispers 1 and 2 ( got to say these came out really beautifully :-)) only a limited number of these exist so follow the link bellow if you’re keen xx

Whispers Box Set Vinyl 
Whispers II Vinyl


Whispers II

March 24, 2015


hello everyone ,
so the big news is that in just under a month’s time i will be releasing my new record whispers 2

I’m so excited to get it out in to the world and for you guys to hear it !

the truth is i’ve been sitting on this album for ages as all of the songs were written and recorded at the same time as whispers which is the reason why it feels right to make it a follow up rather than a separate entity all together .

there are ten songs on the album (plus 6 bonus tracks if you get the deluxe edition … no pressure haha) and as i said , these songs have been around for a while so some of you might know a few of them already . i’ll post a full track list up and go in to more detail about all of this over the next few days ….

the most exciting thing that i need to tell you about is that i’ve teamed up with Unicef UK and i’m delighted to say that all of the profits , from every physical and digital sale of whispers two goes directly to helping malnourished kids in liberia. (please check out this link if you want to find out more )

hopefully this is a win win situation where you guys get a new passenger album and the money you spend on it goes to helping people who really need it !!

i’ll be releasing this record on my own label (black crow records) which is really exciting as it means that every penny of profit can go to where it is most needed .
if you’d like to you can preorder physical and digital copies from the webstore, amazon or iTunes

i was lucky enough to have the exceptionally talented bryan dos reis on the road with me for the european tour at the end of last year . in our spare time we went about making a few really simple videos for some of these new songs .
i’ll be posting one up every week from now until the release of the album to give you guys an idea of what to expect …..
this first one is called traveling alone . i hope you enjoy it / don’t cry too much 😉

there is no marketing team or big record label behind this project so please , if you like the video and want to spread the word about what we’re doing , feel free to share this with as many people as possible !!

thank you all so much for reading , watching and listening .
loads of love .
mike xx



December 8, 2014

so …… just heard that the artwork for “whispers” has been nominated for a grammy haha ….. A FUCKING GRAMMY !!!!! it just gets more and more ridiculous  so so thrilled for sarah lanarch who has poured so much love and time in to making the vision a reality !! you can check out the rest of her amazing work at xxx