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Live from Fenway Park, Boston

August 1, 2016

Hey guys !! Thanks so much for watching and please keep on sharing it if you can … Maybe James Taylor will see it 😉 Aiming to busk at 6pm at Washington Square Park on Wednesday evening . I’ll let you know if anything changes X


September 29, 2015

BOSTON – sorry this is a bit late ! just wanted to say a big ol’ thank you for being so lovely to me the other night !!! a massive thank you once again to ed for giving me these insane opportunities – they’re moments that i’ll never forget 🙂

PHILLY – bit of a smaller one at The Keswick Theatre tonight . if you’re driving to the show you might wanna leave a little extra time as the roads are crazy busy …. more to do with the pope being in town than my gig i should think 😉