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Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan Cover)

November 20, 2016

hey passengers !!
hope you’re all well .
we’re about to go on stage in BRIGHTON but here is our new “sunday night video” for you ….
after traveling through europe for 6 weeks (which for the most part was bloody freezing) we eventually made it to BARCELONA for the last gig and were treated to some glorious sunshine and one of the best shows of the tour !!!!this week its one of my favourite BOB DYLAN songs and is kind of perfect for this time of year .its called “girl from the north country” and for those of you that don’t know it there are some amazing early versions on youtube that you should check out . the man is a genius !!Bryan Dos Reis you have truly outdone yourself this time . thank you for putting so much time and effort in !!i know i ask this every time but please do keep sharing these videos around if its not too much hassle 🙂 loads of love .mike xxx

UK Shows

April 10, 2015

U.K PASSENGERS – this is a really special announcement !!!! to celebrate the release of whispers two i will be doing two very intimate gigs next weekend ! on friday the 17th april i will be performing at the union chapel in LONDON and on sunday the 19th april (which is the day before the release) I’m going to play at my mates pub BLEACH in BRIGHTON, these will be very unique shows as i will just be playing songs from whispers two ( a heads up now … i won’t be playing let her go haha ) tickets are extremely limited so grab yours now from the link below . its £20 to get in and all of the money raised will be going to UNICEF UK (thanks to Ticketmaster United Kingdom and Union Chapel for being so generous !!) these are going to be really special little gigs and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there .

Tickets from here


November 11, 2014

BRIGHTON – what a wicked start to the uk leg  can’t tell you how much it means to have such fantastic support in my hometown . playing two sold out shows at the Brighton Dome really does make me realise how much has happened over the last couple of years and just how much its grown . there was a time , not too long ago , where i would play my brighton gigs in the function room of my mates pub – we used to put two tables together to make a stage and i’d stand up there with my little busking amp in front of 50 people (some of whom i saw in the front row last night !!) i don’t think i will ever truly understand how fortunate i am but last night i think i glimpsed it for a second .
so much love and thanks . mike xx

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.14.55 pm

photo by andy mintram (thank you mate x)