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Vincent (Don McLean cover)

July 16, 2017

hello everyone !!
hope you’ve all had a great week ?!
we’ve had a brilliant one – after the most phenomenal show at Kew The Music 2017 we went on to the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival in switzerland where we were lucky enough to share the stage with The Lumineers (such a good band !!!)
then last night we were in beautiful northern spain at Cap Roig Festival… three very different gigs but each of them incredible in their own way 🙂
a massive thanks to everyone that came along xxx
i also wanted to share one final sunday night video with you….
this is one of my all time favourite songs and in my eyes a total masterpiece . for this reason its a song i thought i would never cover as its one of the “untouchables” …. but i did …. sorry …. i hope i haven’t ruined it !!
its a slightly different approach to the previous cover songs ….
firstly , its just me and guitar this time as i felt like the lyrics and melody required as much space as possible . the video is also super simple . its just ariel footage of the lake district in northern england . i think with a song as perfect as this simplicity is the key ….
a huge thanks to Yousef Thami for capturing such stunning visuals .
remember , you can watch all of the “sunday night videos” here and listen to all of the studio versions at
as i said , this will be the last one of the series . its been a wonderful project to work on . thank you all so much for your amazing feedback and for sharing the videos around . also a massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography and Bryan Dos Reis as well as my brilliant band and crew for making it all possible .
i’d like to dedicate this video to my good friend chris simmons and his family .
loads of love .
mike x

Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover)

July 2, 2017

hello everyone !
we have some really exciting news ……
some of you will know that over the last year we’ve been putting out our “sunday night videos” – basically covering a bunch of our favourite songs and recording and filming them in weird and wonderful locations all over the world .
a forest in finland , a roof of an old bunker in hamburg , a lighthouse in plymouth and a deserted town in california to name a few …
for me its been a really cool way of keeping in touch with everyone and giving you all a little window in to where we were and what we were doing .
the response has been unbelievable and we’ve had quite a few requests to put them out “properly” so …
a few weeks ago we went in to the studio and re-recorded some of our favourites (along with a couple of new ones) and i’m delighted to say that they are now available to stream from this link –
we really hope you enjoy this playlist and if you do then feel free to pass it on to your friends and family … i can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support 🙂
below is a new one and something that we’ve been playing at festivals and gigs over the summer …. undoubtedly one of my favourite songs of all time . such a beautiful and heartbreaking story . i remember listening to Tracy Chapman Online as a teenager and feeling overwhelmingly inspired to pick up a guitar and learn how to tell stories in a similar way .
a huge thanks to YOUSEF ( ) and his team for travelling so far , working so hard and capturing this one so nicely !!
as i said , share it around if you like it and let us know what you think of the “sunday night sessions”
thanks so much for watching , listening and the unbelievable support .
mike x

Angie (The Rolling Stones cover)

March 26, 2017

hey everyone 🙂 hope you’re all doing well .
here is the new sunday night video for you .
Jarrad Seng and i shot it over the course of a week or two in a few different american cities . hopefully it gives you guys a little insight in to what we’ve been up to !
the song is “angie” – one of my favourites by The Rolling Stones .
we’re really proud of this one so as always , if you like it , then please feel free to share it around !
thank you all so much .
mike xx

A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)

March 19, 2017

hey everyone !!
its been a little while but here is a new sunday night video for you 🙂
we had a couple of days off in-between our shows in new york and montreal last week and were lucky enough to hang out in this beautiful little cabin in LAKE PLACID !!
it was absolutely freezing , possibly the coldest i’ve ever been …. i think it got down to -20 degrees at one point !!
the scenery was completely breathtaking and we met the nicest people whilst we were there – a huge thanks to Adirondack Estates for all of your help ! to Big Slide Brewery & Public House for the amazing food and as always Jarrad Seng Photography for capturing it all so beautifully !
the song is “a change is gonna come” – an old classic from the legendary Sam Cooke
please feel free to share it around if you can !
hope you enjoy it .
mike xx

Let Her Go – YouTube Orchestra

March 2, 2017

hey guys , just wanted to share this video with you ….
one of the most incredible things to come out of “let her go” getting so big are the amount of youtube cover versions of it . for me it is the highest compliment for another artist or band to take the time to learn one of my songs and to publish their own version of it . here is a small selection of them edited together . watching it made me feel incredibly humbled and i hope you guys enjoy it too .
massive thanks to Nikki Fair, Damian Taylor and Mallory Brayman for working so hard to put this together and to all of the singers and musicians involved .
share if ya dig it 🙂
mike xx

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2017

happy valentines day everyone 🙂 big thanks to Amazon Music for including our version of “there is a light that never goes out” by The Smiths in their “love me” playlist ! check it out xx

And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison Cover)

December 4, 2016

hey guys !
hope you’re all having a delightful weekend !
here is the new video for you ….
we had a day off in BRIGHTON last week so we ventured out in to the sussex countyside and found a pretty sweet little spot 🙂
the song is called “and it stoned me” and its one of my favourite van morrison tunes .
its all worked out pretty nicely as we’re about to play in BELFAST which i believe to be his home town ….
massive thank you as always to my phenomenal band and crew for always being so up for making these videos even when it means nearly freezing to death 😉
please share it about if you can and have a lovely sunday evening !!
lots of love .
mike xx

Passenger | The Wind ( Cat Stevens Cover )

November 28, 2016

hello everyone !!
hope you’ve all had a great weekend ?
here is the new video and something a little different for you this time ….. its so much fun doing these songs with the band but i thought for this one i’d strip it back to just me and a guitar 🙂
its one of my favourite Yusuf / Cat Stevens songs called “the wind” . its only a couple of minutes long but just has the most beautiful melody and guitar part …. hope you guys enjoy it !!
we shot it in a lovely old lighthouse in PLYMOUTH . such a nice little spot (although interesting getting all of the sound and video equipment up there ….)
as ever , a huge thanks to Bryan Dos Reis for consistently shooting these videos so beautifully and also to simon and chris for their patience and audio expertise x
please , if you enjoy the video then do us a massive favour and share it with your fwends 🙂
this video is for luke and amelia x
love .
mike xx

Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)

November 6, 2016

evening / morning folks !!
we’re just about to go on stage in BARCELONA but thought we’d pop the new “sunday night video” up for you first 🙂
its a total classic this week and i’m sure most of you will know it …. we’ve been playing it at the last few gigs and i think it might be my favourite so far – its a great singalong and it lets john solo (keys) and benny edgar (guitar) bust out some pretty sweet solos !!!
we filmed it on top of an incredible building in HAMBURG that was originally built as a bunker in the second world war .
i have to say a special thank you to all of the band and crew for this one – the weather was pretty grim and it was a “day off” after playing five big shows in six days …. I’m so humbled to be working with people who care so much , work so hard and are so immensely talented !!!
so here it is – “aint no sunshine” by the phenomenal bill withers . hope it warms up a chilly sunday evening for you all 🙂
share it around if you can – it makes us feel special 😉
love ya !
mike x
ps hopefully german fans can now watch this on youtube ????xxx

Kathy’s Song with Gregory Alan Isakov (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)

October 30, 2016

hello everyone !
sorry for the intrusion but i just wanted to share our new “sunday night video” with you .
its a little different this week – i gave the band a much needed day off 😉 and instead recruited this guy ….
for those of you that haven’t heard gregory alan isakov’s music please try to set a little time aside to do so . you won’t be disappointed !!!!
i first stumbled across him around three years ago and very quickly became an enormous fan . there is something about the way that he writes and delivers his songs that i find amazingly sincere and beautiful .
after every gig of the “whispers” world tour i would get back to my dressing room and put on his album . there was something really calming about it that allowed me to come down from the shows and it became a really nice and important part of the post gig ritual .
cut to a couple of years later and i’m lucky enough to call him a friend and watch his set every night before we go on 🙂 i love how these things work out ….. if you’re coming to any of the uk / european dates make sure you’re there in time for his set !!!
the song is (another) paul simon one …. sorry …. not his most famous and some of you may not know it but i think it is one of his very best moments . its called “kathy’s song” and i really hope you all enjoy it .
another change in formation see’s my good mate bryan dos reis take over from jarrad seng photography behind the camera . i am so lucky to be able to work with both of these talented and brilliant dudes . what a gorgeous bit of filming …..
i feel like such a broken record but if you feel like sharing it that would be amazing .
thank you so much for watching and for the amazing support .
mike xx