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Restless Wind (Official Video) – South American Tour Footage

March 18, 2019

SOUTH AMERICA and MEXICO – I’m not really sure what to say . The last five weeks have been the most incredible adventure and genuinely one of the best and most enjoyable tours I’ve ever been a part of .

Its always been a dream of mine to spend time in this part of the world and the fact that I got to come here with some of my best friends and play music makes me feel so unbelievably lucky .

We’ve been blown away by the warmth and kindness that we’ve encountered . Every crowd has been so passionate and engaged .

We will definitely be back , and as soon as possible .

In the meantime , here is a little video of our time here . Watching it back makes me realise just how much we’ve seen and done in such a short amount of time ….

The song is “restless wind” – its been around for a few years now but it just felt like the right soundtrack to this phenomenal journey .

A huge thank you to Jarrad Seng , Stu Larsen , Ed Sheeran and his amazing crew , thomas , Ian , simon , Roxy , Marcos , dan , bek and fran . Thank you all so much for working so hard and making this happen . I love you all .

Thanks also to all of our teams in South America !!

Please feel free to share this video around as much as you can .

Next up …. Three days at home / in bed / cuddling my cats and then ….. SOUTH AFRICA !!!!!!

So much love and thanks .



November 3, 2016

i’ve played a lot of gigs in HAMBURG over the years and this one was up there with the best of them !! thank you for always being so lovely and attentive  MUNICH – you’re our last german gig this evening ….. lets make it a good one  there are a handful of tickets on the door at Zenith – Die Kulturhalle so come on down if you’re free xx

photos by Bryan Dos Reis



October 30, 2016

COLOGNE !!!! last night was definitely one of my favourites of the tour . such a respectful and beautiful crowd 🙂 thanks so much for selling that big old room out !!!

FRANKFURT – we’re here and will see you in a couple of hours ! can’t wait 🙂

oh , and look out for the new sunday night video tonight – something a little different for you this time xxx

photos by the amazing Bryan Dos Reis


Let Her Go – 1,000,000,000 plays!

June 3, 2016

hey everyone !

hope you’ve all had a good week and have a lovely weekend ahead of you ?!

i don’t tend to write big emotive posts on here but something pretty special has happened and i’d love to share it with you all ….

its not everyday that one of my songs reaches a billion views on youtube …. in fact its never happened before and its extremely unlikely that it will ever happen again .

just a handful of songs have ever made it to this number and honestly its a wonderful and ridiculous feeling to think that one of them is mine .

i remember writing it backstage at a tiny gig in australia in 2011 ….i think …
it only took about 45 minutes to write from start to finish which i think is often a good sign with a song . if it comes out quickly it generally means that it hasn’t been overthought and there is often a natural quality to it .

i remember being proud and thinking there was something special about it but at the time i was a busker and i’d never had any of my songs played on the radio or do well in any commercial sense ….. it wasn’t even something that i thought about as it felt like such an impossibility . how could someone in that position , playing to just a few people in a pub or a street corner with no financial backing and no record label ever dream of such a remarkable outcome for a song …. and so i didn’t think about it because honestly it made me feel sad ….

what happened after that is kind of a blur . through a combination of luck , timing , working with amazing people and it being a catchy song 😉 it managed to somehow wriggle its way on to mainstream radio and from there it went on to top charts around the world . my entire life had changed over night . i suddenly went from playing these tiny pub gigs to humongous festival stages and tv shows …
the song was everywhere . when i’d get in to a cab or at an airport or sometimes i’d hear a busker sing it which always filled my heart with pride . it even turned up at halftime of the flipping Super Bowl on a Budweiser advert …. it truly was the kind of thing that a ten year old would dream about .

the most amazing thing about it by far though were the messages that i started receiving .
messages from people all over the world telling me about what the song meant to them . i’d hear the most incredible stories about how it had helped them through tough times or break-ups or even divorces . people would tell me about it being played at weddings and birthdays and even funerals across the globe . people falling in and out of love with my song as their soundtrack .
as a songwriter and in fact as a human being this is the most incredibly humbling feeling and something that i will never forget .

i hope i’m not rambling , its just that its only at moments like this that i actually realise the insanity of the situation and although i’ve told this story a lot in interviews or on stage , its only now and then that i really get my head around it and understand what has happened and today is one of those times .

none of this would have been remotely possible without you guys so really what i am trying to say is thank you . a genuine and heartfelt thank you . to all of you . wherever you may be in the world and whether it was “let her go” that got you on to my music or not .
thank you for helping this unbelievable fairytale become a reality .

so here it is ….. a song that was written in 45 minutes with a video that cost $3000 dollars to make ….. x

Space Oddity

February 27, 2016

hello everyone ,
happy new year to you all !! i hope 2016 is treating you well so far ?!
we , like the rest of the world are completely devastated by the loss of david bowie .
im not going to say too much about it as i know there has been a lot written over the last few days and i wouldn’t really know where to start .
instead we recorded this cover of one of my all time favourite songs …. i remember hearing this as a kid and it feeling truly magical to me . i think thats probably what david bowie gave to everyone at one point or another .

a quick thank you to chris , pete , ben , solo , rob , scott , ben and dan for playing / engineering / making this possible .
a special thank you to bryan dos reis for shooting this so beautifully despite jet lag and food poisoning (legend)

i hope we have done this incredible song some justice and that it is a fitting tribute .

mike x

Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea

December 2, 2015

hello everybody ,

just thought i’d share another new song / video with you 🙂

its called “young as the morning , old as the sea”

we filmed it in TASMANIA which is one of my favourite places in Australia . i’ve always loved busking and playing gigs there and whenever possible getting out to explore its beautiful countryside .

the song touches on a few different countries and landscapes and while it wasn’t practical to visit all of them , i think tassie’s incredibly varied scenery does a pretty amazing job at portraying them all .

massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography for coming on the road again and capturing the world around us so beautifully and also to my friend mem for picking such epic spots and for driving us around / putting up with our insanity .
thanks also to Discover Tasmania for lending us the chopper 😉

really hope you guys enjoy it and as ever – your likes , comments and especially shares are hugely appreciated !!!

thanks for having us tassie and see you folks at the odeon theatre in february ….

lots of love . mike xxx

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.52.15 pm


November 16, 2015

hello everyone , hope you’re all doing ok !
sorry i’ve been so quiet on here – it feels like ages since i’ve posted anything ….
its been quite a busy time behind the scenes with lots of exciting passenger related things going on 🙂 some of which will be announced throughout this week so keep an eye out (especially if you live in AUSTRALIA….. )

for now though , i wanted to share something with you all . 
i was recently lucky enough to spend some time in JAPAN – a country that i’ve been fascinated by for many years and has always been high on the bucket list of places to visit .
i was only there for a week but it completely blew my mind . the people , the food and the culture generally was like nothing i’d ever experienced before . i really hope i can go back one day to explore it further and perhaps play a gig or two …..

whilst i was there i recorded this song with a few really good friends of mine – some of you will be familiar with Stu Larsen and Natsuki Kurai (if not then please check out there music when you can ) they’re two of the best people that i know and both extremely talented dudes . we were also joined by natuski’s lovely wife chica and their unbelievably cute 6 month old daughter nagi (listen out at the end of the track for her guest vocals …. pretty adorable :-))

in light of the recent heartbreaking events in paris , beirut and other areas of the world , i’d like to dedicate this song to anyone that has been directly or in fact indirectly affected by it all . it feels like a strange time at the moment . a time where it is perhaps easy to forget the good in people and the beauty that we create as human beings and to focus only on the tragic and terrible things that we do to each other and the environment . i don’t want to make a big statement here , only to offer this song in the hope that by putting something simple and positive out in to the world that it might help in some small way .

thanks so much for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy the song .

mike xx




September 21, 2015

hello everyone – hope you’re all having a lovely sunday !!

first of all a huge thanks to TORONTO !! we had a great time with you guys yesterday – a special thank you to everyone that braved the weather and stayed for the encore 🙂

we’re in sunny OTTAWA at the moment and looking forward to playing at the CityFolk festival later on this evening !

its also the halfway point of the north american tour which has been absolutely incredible so far !!!

my amazingly talented friend bryan dos reis has been capturing each gig / city with photographs and has also been filming bits and pieces as we go along .

the plan is to post two or three videos up over the next few weeks to give you guys a little insight in to some of the wonderful corners of the world that we’re traveling through . its also a good opportunity for me to give you all some new music 🙂

this song is called “restless wind” and the footage is from our time on the west coast (vancouver / san fran / la)
really hope you enjoy it and if you do like it then please share it with your friends !!
a massive thanks to bryan – you’ve outdone yourself with this one mate !!
mike xx

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 1.36.07 pm

The Long Road

September 8, 2015

Hello everyone , hope you’re all well ?!

I can’t wait to start the NORTH AMERICAN tour in VANCOUVER on wednesday 🙂
before i head off though i just wanted to share another little video that Jarrad Seng Photography and i made over the last few weeks of our european festival run …. the song is called “the long road” and most of it was shot as we travelled through a few different spots in eastern europe . it is such a beautiful part of the world and I’m so glad we captured some of it here !! as always every view , like , comment and share are hugely appreciated .

Thanks so much for watching and listening and i hope to catch as many of you lovely americans and canadians as possible over the next few weeks !! (for all tickets and info go to
lots of love . mike xxx

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 2.54.50 pm


June 30, 2015

hello everyone , sorry this has taken a while but just to say that you can now get your hands on WHISPERS 2 VINYL and in fact whispers vinyl box sets which include both whispers 1 and 2 ( got to say these came out really beautifully :-)) only a limited number of these exist so follow the link bellow if you’re keen xx

Whispers Box Set Vinyl 
Whispers II Vinyl