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Let Me Dream A While, from Abbey Road Studios (Official Video)

June 17, 2019

Hello everyone !

Its been a little while ….. hope you’re all well ?!

Just wanted to share this video with you – its another one from my recent charity album “sometimes its something , sometimes its nothing at all” – all recorded and filmed at Abbey Road Studios with a string quartet .

The song is “let me dream a while” which has been around for a few years now . Such a buzz to hear it with these strings !!!

If you haven’t checked out the album yet then you can buy and stream it from this link we ran out of vinyls in the first few days and I’m delighted to say that they’re now back in stock !!

Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback and support so far . Thanks to you guys we have already made a substantial amount of money for Shelter and the people that they support .

Please share this video if you can .

Loads of love .

Mike x

Helplessly Lost & South Africa Shows 2019

April 3, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA – I am delighted to say that tickets for our November shows are now on general sale !!!
As I said before these venues are scarily massive so please do spread the word and bring at least 300 friends each …. Thanks !

DURBAN – we’ve had so many people asking for us to come through …. So many in fact that we are now looking in to it …. I really can’t promise anything at this stage but we’re trying our very best to make something work …. So , for now if you’re living in Durban or close by and want to come to a show it may be best to hold off until we have more info ….. the last thing I’d want is for people to book travel / hotels etc and then I end up playing two blocks away from your house … we’ll update as soon as we can . You guys are definitely keen though right ????

And LASTLY ….. here is a little video that Jarrad Seng Photography made whilst we were in cape town …. Its for a new song called “helplessly lost” and I really hope you guys like it !!

Think thats all for now xxx


Restless Wind (Official Video) – South American Tour Footage

March 18, 2019

SOUTH AMERICA and MEXICO – I’m not really sure what to say . The last five weeks have been the most incredible adventure and genuinely one of the best and most enjoyable tours I’ve ever been a part of .

Its always been a dream of mine to spend time in this part of the world and the fact that I got to come here with some of my best friends and play music makes me feel so unbelievably lucky .

We’ve been blown away by the warmth and kindness that we’ve encountered . Every crowd has been so passionate and engaged .

We will definitely be back , and as soon as possible .

In the meantime , here is a little video of our time here . Watching it back makes me realise just how much we’ve seen and done in such a short amount of time ….

The song is “restless wind” – its been around for a few years now but it just felt like the right soundtrack to this phenomenal journey .

A huge thank you to Jarrad Seng , Stu Larsen , Ed Sheeran and his amazing crew , thomas , Ian , simon , Roxy , Marcos , dan , bek and fran . Thank you all so much for working so hard and making this happen . I love you all .

Thanks also to all of our teams in South America !!

Please feel free to share this video around as much as you can .

Next up …. Three days at home / in bed / cuddling my cats and then ….. SOUTH AFRICA !!!!!!

So much love and thanks .


Eagle Bear Buffalo – Official Video

October 12, 2018

Hello !! Hope you’re all well !!

im really looking forward to kicking off the NORTH AMERICAN TOUR in a couple of days in NASHVILLE which apparently has just SOLD OUT !

there are really limited tickets for a few of the other shows now so grab them from if you wanna come along !!

For now though , video number eight …

This is “EAGLE BEAR BUFFALO” and we had the immense pleasure of hanging out in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area for a few days whilst making it .

This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip ! I’ve always dreamed of going to this place and it absolutely lived up to expectation 

As always a huge thanks to Jarrad Seng for the beautiful cinematography and also to Rachel Cudmore for being such a fantastic guide and for showing us this magical place .

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at Sierra Club who are battling to keep places like Yellowstone as beautiful as they are . Please go and check them out / support if you can .

Thanks so much as always for watching , listening , caring and sharing .

All my love .

Mike x


Ghost Town – Official Video

September 21, 2018

Hello everyone , hope you’re all really good !

Here is the seventh video from our “runaway” roadtrip series . This one was shot in Detroit and is called “GHOST TOWN” .

I have only ever played once in Detroit – a few years ago at a beautiful old venue called the filmore and it was definitely one of the stand out shows of the tour .

I have to be honest , before that evening I was quite unaware of what the city had been through . We had a few beers and a chat with some locals after the show and they gave me a brief history lesson ….

The birth place of Motown and once the thriving home to much of the American motor industry (General Motors , ford etc ) the city then fell on hard times as cars became cheaper to make over seas .

Many of the factories and plants closed down leaving thousands of workers unemployed and with few prospects .

Over the years more and more people left Detroit in search of opportunity and as a result houses and in some cases entire neighbourhoods were completely abandoned .

I remember this idea really sticking with me . The thought of a real life ghost town was so sad and bizarre .

A few years later I wrote this song .

We spent two days filming there on our trip and it was quite an overwhelming experience . Driving through silent streets that would have once been bustling neighbourhoods and walking in to abandoned houses still full of peoples discarded possessions and old lives . it was deeply sad and honestly quite a difficult couple of days .

I hope we’ve captured some of the mood and atmosphere with this video .

Massive thanks as always to jarrad seng for nearly freezing his fingers off during the making of this and also to stu larsen and chris vallejo.

Please share it around if you can .

Loads of love and many thanks .

Mike xx

Ps I need to say that this is only the situation in a few areas and Detroit for the most part seems like a really cool town . The last thing I want to do with this song is to paint an unfair picture of the place or offend anyone !!!


Simple Song (Official Video)

November 19, 2017

Hello everyone !!
I haven’t been on here for a while …. I hope you’re all doing really well 🙂
Just wanted to share another little video from “the boy who cried wolf
This one is for “simple song” and again is created by the amazing Matthew Robins !!
Please share it around if you like it .
Mike xx

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Official Video)

July 28, 2017

hey guys , so as promised here is the new official video for “the boy who cried wolf” .

a huge thank you to Matthew Robins for the hours and hours of work that went in to making it and for turning it round so quickly . what a talent !!!!

hope you guys love it as much as we do and please feel free to share it around if you do xx

Beautiful Birds feat. BIRDY – Official Video

March 5, 2017

hey everyone ,

hope this finds you well ….

i just landed in PHILADELPHIA and I’m hugely looking forward to getting going with the NORTH AMERICAN tour 🙂 half of the shows are now sold out and most of the others are getting really close … head over to to get yours !

for now though , something a bit special …. we’ve been working on this over the last few months and I’m delighted to finally be able to share it with you .

as soon as i wrote “beautiful birds” i felt like it would work really well as a male / female duet . i also kept on picturing an animated video for it . I’m so delighted that both ideas were able to come to fruition and i couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out .

massive thanks to the wonderful BIRDY for finding time to sing on this song . such an amazing talent and so easy and lovely to work with too .

a huge thanks also to Jess Cope, Adam Oehlers, Luke Simpson and Partizan for their incredible patience and for working so hard to make this video what it is .

please do share this video if you can – its something that we’re all really proud of and would obviously love for it to reach as many people as possible .

thanks so much for watching .

mike xx

If You Go – Official Video

February 5, 2017

hello legends !
hope you’re all having a lovely sunday 🙂
here is the new sunday night / morning video ….
its a bit of change this week – we decided to use a song from the album as opposed to a new demo .
Jarrad Seng has been filming it over the last few weeks as we’ve been traveling around australia .
the song is “if you go” which is all about those amazing early stages of a relationship and falling in love . its also about being present and enjoying the most simple and beautiful moments in life .
massive thanks to all of the lovely couples that took part and thanks to you guys for watching 🙂
if you like it then please do us a huge favour and share this video around as much as you can .
thanks you for the brilliant support and i hope you enjoy the video !
mike xxx

Passenger | Someday

January 29, 2017

happy sunday everyone !!! hope you’ve all had a good week !
here is this weeks sunday night video !
its a song called “someday” which is a newish one of mine .
i wrote it on a little island off the coast of thailand last year . i was pretty exhausted as i’d just finished recording “young as the morning” in new zealand and touring australia so i decided to stop off for a few days on the way back home .
there wasn’t any phone signal or internet and for a little under a week i just did nothing but read and play guitar and swim in the sea . i remember feeling so balanced and content and i think that really comes across in the song .
again , this is only a demo so its certainly not perfect ….
we filmed it last weekend on Fitzroy Island Resort, Queensland which (for those of you that aren’t familiar with it) is just off the coast of cairns in far north queensland .
it is an absolutely stunning part of the world and thanks to Explore Tropical North Queensland we had the most fantastic day (which as you will see included scuba diving with tropical fish and we even go to snorkel with turtles which is an experience i will never forget – they are the most beautiful creatures !!!)
i thought it would be a perfect spot to film this simple little song . so without further ado here it is ….
huge thank you to Jarrad Seng Photography who was there to capture all of it on land , from the air and even under the sea …. what a legend !!
i really hope you guys enjoy it and please share it around if you do !
thanks so much for watching , listening and the amazing support .
mike xx
ps I’m sorry if you are viewing this from the freezing northern hemisphere 🙁 i don’t mean to rub it in haha … hope it helps to warm you up xx