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Helplessly Lost & South Africa Shows 2019

April 3, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA – I am delighted to say that tickets for our November shows are now on general sale !!!
As I said before these venues are scarily massive so please do spread the word and bring at least 300 friends each …. Thanks !

DURBAN – we’ve had so many people asking for us to come through …. So many in fact that we are now looking in to it …. I really can’t promise anything at this stage but we’re trying our very best to make something work …. So , for now if you’re living in Durban or close by and want to come to a show it may be best to hold off until we have more info ….. the last thing I’d want is for people to book travel / hotels etc and then I end up playing two blocks away from your house … we’ll update as soon as we can . You guys are definitely keen though right ????

And LASTLY ….. here is a little video that Jarrad Seng Photography made whilst we were in cape town …. Its for a new song called “helplessly lost” and I really hope you guys like it !!

Think thats all for now xxx


South Africa Shows Announced

March 29, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA – what a week 😳 it’s been completely mad … I can’t quite believe that I played to over 200,000 people 😮😮😮 What a lucky boy !!

Not only that but all four gigs were absolute belters and you were just the kindest crowds !!

As a result we’ve arranged to come back in NOVEMBER 🙃🙃

Now … these are pretty big gigs …. arenas in fact …. I’m kind of nervous to put on such big shows but the response over the last few days has been so amazing that we decided to go for it 😮😎😶

Please please spread the word if you can …. tell your mates and share this post around ….

General sale will be on Wednesday at 9am from

Thank you all so so much for making me feel so welcome and I genuinely can’t wait to come back and see you all again !!

Loads of love !!

Mike xx

South Africa

February 20, 2015

hello everyone ,
the whispers world tour came to an end on sunday so i thought i’d post a little video that we made over the last few days in CAPE TOWN . i can’t quite believe how beautiful that city is .
SOUTH AFRICA has undoubtedly been one of the highlights and fantastic way to end this adventure !!!!
the whispers tour took me and some of my best friends around the world and i’ll never forget seeing such beautiful things with such incredible people .
the song is called “setting suns” and it felt like a fitting sentiment 🙂

thank you all so so much .
mike xxxx


November 13, 2014
SOUTH AFRICA – it is with enormous pleasure to say that i am coming to see you all in february !!!! i’ll be playing three shows – DURBAN on the 13th of Feb , JOHANNESBURG on the 14th and CAPETOWN on the 15th . 
i’ve never played a gig anywhere in africa before and i can’t tell you how excited i am !! for all tickets and information go to
and please spread the word if you can !!
see you all soon 🙂 
mike xx