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‘Anywhere’ Live from Roundhead Studios, Auckland

August 26, 2016

hey guys , i’m unbelievably excited to say that i’ve somehow managed to persuade the people at the Ryman Auditorium in nashville to let me and the band come and play a gig …. this is amongst the most iconic venues in the world and an item on my bucket list that i never thought would be ticked off. fucking ridiculous !!!!!! you can grab tickets for said gig and all of the others at here
also , here is a little live version of “anywhere” that we shot when we were recording in new zealand ! hope you like it xx

Somebody’s Love – Live From Roundhead Studios, Auckland

July 24, 2016

ok so this is the last time i’m gonna bug you about this for a while …. but just in case you missed it i’ll be touring the states and canada with a full band this coming spring 🙂
below is a live version of “somebody’s love” that we shot whilst we were making the record in new zealand earlier in the year .
these are the phenomenally brilliant dudes that will be joining me on stage as my live band …. i am ridiculously lucky !!
follow this link for all dates and ticketing info 🙂 xx


February 2, 2015

AUCKLAND – what a fantastic couple of days .
the Auckland Civic Theatre is a magical place and last night it couldn’t have been filled by nicer people . you were a truly beautiful crowd . thank you xxx
we were also lucky enough to go and record in Roundhead Studios New Zealand for a day – one of the most incredible places to make music i’ve ever had the pleasure of being in . thanks so much to Neil Finn and team for having us (might post a little song from there in the next day or two ….)
WELLINGTON – we are in you tonight . come down to the Michael Fowler Centre if you’re at a loose end – its gonna be sweet xx

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.53.59 am

photos by Jarrad Seng Photography