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Edmonton to Vancouver

August 9, 2016

thank you again EDMONTON !!! we had the best weekend with you guys . we’re looking into adding an Edmonton show to the tour next spring so i’ll keep you posted on that ….
lovely to be back in VANCOUVER !! one of my favourites 🙂 really looking forward to playing tomorrow night xx


Somebody’s Love – Live From Roundhead Studios, Auckland

July 24, 2016

ok so this is the last time i’m gonna bug you about this for a while …. but just in case you missed it i’ll be touring the states and canada with a full band this coming spring 🙂
below is a live version of “somebody’s love” that we shot whilst we were making the record in new zealand earlier in the year .
these are the phenomenally brilliant dudes that will be joining me on stage as my live band …. i am ridiculously lucky !!
follow this link for all dates and ticketing info 🙂 xx

US tickets on sale

July 22, 2016

hey guys, letting you know that tickets for the US tour are now on sale – tickets.
here is a new song, it doesn’t have a name yet. hope you enjoy it x

European Tour Tickets On Sale!

June 10, 2016

ok tickets for the FULL BAND EUROPEAN TOUR are now on sale from here

here is a little video to give you an idea of what you’re in for .

these are the guys that i’ll be touring with . meet pete marin (drums), ben edgar (electric guitar),rob calder (bass) and john solo (keys) .

not only are they delightful human beings but they are some of the best musicians i have ever had the pleasure of playing with and i feel extremely privileged to be sharing the stage with them soon .

hope you guys can join us – its going to be sweet 🙂 xx


February 27, 2016

HOBART – what an excellent start to the tour !!!!
thanks for coming out on a sunday night and singing your hearts out !!! you were amazing xxx
photo by Jarrad Seng Photography


Aus Tour

November 20, 2015

tickets are now on general sale for my 2016 AUSTRALIAN TOUR !!! follow the link below for details and tickets 🙂 love ya xxx



November 19, 2015

its lovely to be back on this side of the world !! hope you’re all doing well !

some of you might have seen that i am lucky enough to be supporting Ed Sheeran on his australian / new zealand stadium tour in a few weeks time . i can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to it all !!! its pretty crazy to be playing to such massive audiences and while that is a huge buzz i felt like i wanted to do something alongside it which was a little more intimate ….. so i’m planning to busk in all of the cities that we’re playing in as we go around .

a lot of you will know that for many years busking was the way that i funded my touring and albums and although that might not be the case anymore its something that i still love to do whenever i can .

we will try to give you all as much notice as possible as to where and when it will be happening . we’ll be starting this weekend and as ed’s tour doesn’t get down to these parts we’re hoping to be at salamanca markets in HOBART on saturday and in rundle mall in ADELAIDE on sunday . weather permitting we will aim to start at about midday but look out for more detailed info closer to the time !!

in the meantime please feel free to spread the word – it would be amazing to see as many of you as possible .
loads of love .
mike xxxx

ps here is a photo from last time we did this haha


Fan Pre-Sale Now Live

November 18, 2015

AUSTRALIA – for those of you that signed up to the mailing list you should now have been sent your code and you can now grab tickets to my feb / march tour . don’t worry if you didn’t get round to it – there will be more tickets released on friday xx
Fan pre sale tickets available now from here

Fools Gold

October 8, 2015

hello everyone ,
hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂
here is the third and final video from the recent north american tour.

most of the footage is from our time on the east coast and the performance was shot on a rooftop in new york (thanks so much to Billboard for letting us use the space !!)

the song is called “fools gold” and its about seeing the value and simple beauty within nature and people instead of spending a life time chasing after things that don’t actually mean anything ….

one more massive thank you to bryan dos reis for giving so much time , energy and love to these videos . you’re a total legend x
i think this one might be my favourite out of the three ….

you guys have been so kind with your comments and amazing at sharing these videos around – it makes the time and work that go in to making them feel so so worthwhile – keep on sharing if you can 🙂
really hope you like this one .
mike xx

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