amazing to be inducted in the Shazam hall of fame !! Let her go got 15,000,000 shazams  completely insane !!!


LONDON – what the hell just happened ?!?!? its all a bit of a blur but I’m pretty sure they were two of the best shows of my life  i never thought i’d play my own gig at Hammersmith Apollo let alone sell out two nights ….. completely ridiculous and the most perfect way to wrap up this amazing uk tour .
massive massive thanks to everyone for coming to not only the london gigs but all of the shows over the last month . every one of them sold out in the end and i couldn’t be more thankful and proud .
one more show to go in 2014 – STOCKHOLM we’re really looking forward to seeing you on thursday !!!!
again london , thank you for the most magical gigs . i will never forget them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


wednesday night was my first ever gig in NORWICH and it was absolutely lovely !! CAMBRIDGE the following night was superb as well . massive thank you to everyone that came along !!
can’t believe i’m playing at the Hammersmith Apollo tonight and tomorrow ….. excited and terrified in equal measure  see you londoners soon xxx

photo – bryan dos reis

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 5.01.41 pm

so …… just heard that the artwork for “whispers” has been nominated for a grammy haha ….. A FUCKING GRAMMY !!!!! it just gets more and more ridiculous  so so thrilled for sarah lanarch who has poured so much love and time in to making the vision a reality !! you can check out the rest of her amazing work at xxx


3,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!
3 million passengers on face book !!!!
this is getting beyond ridiculous . i remember a few years ago when i had 2000 and most days it would go up by three or four people …. sometimes it would stay the same or even go down by one or two .when it got to 1 million this time last year i was ecstatic and pretty sure that it had got as big as it could .

at the beginning of this year i had honestly prepared myself for a lot of people to start unliking this page as i knew that i wouldn’t have a huge hit single on “whispers” like i did with on the previous record and i thought it would make sense that i would start playing smaller venues again and that the social media numbers would drop .

as i suspected – the radio single didn’t happen – I’m not surprised nor upset by this – i don’t really make the kind of music that fits on mainstream radio . its not produced in that specific way and I’m too much of a grizzled old road dog to be a pop star haha .

what has been a massive and wonderful surprise to me though is that not only has it not dropped off but the numbers on here have tripled and i’m playing bigger and better gigs than ever before .

what i’m really trying to say is that I’m enormously proud of what we have achieved together and will be forever grateful to all of you for letting me do this . it fills me with such encouragement and hope that through the support of passionate music fans alone this thing can keep on growing and growing .

thank you to everyone who has liked , commented and shared my status’s , pictures and videos . to all of you who have come to gigs and busking sessions and to those of you who live in cities and countries i’m yet to visit . i hope i can get everywhere eventually 

this time last year i was sure it couldn’t get any bigger . now , in the best possible way , I’m really not sure of anything .

love and thanks to you all . mike xxxxx


BIRMINGHAM and MANCHESTER – don’t know what to say really . both gigs were just perfect . amazing venues and simply couldn’t ask for a more respectful and receptive audience . this tour is so much fun  can’t wait for DUBLIN tomorrow !!!!! xxx

photo by bryan dos reis

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.56.17 pm

BRISTOL and CARDIFF – you were wonderful !!! thank you for turning up and listening so beautifully – we had such a lovely weekend with you all .
really looking forward to BIRMINGHAM tonight !!!
instead of a gig photo , i wanted to show you this painting – its by a man called ken windsor – he posted it on my page a few days ago and i believe it was partly inspired by my song “golden leaves” …..
i think its really beautiful . here is his pintrest site if you wanna check out more of his work ! thanks so much ken and i hope you don’t mind me posting this mike x


SOUTH AFRICA – it is with enormous pleasure to say that i am coming to see you all in february !!!! i’ll be playing three shows – DURBAN on the 13th of Feb , JOHANNESBURG on the 14th and CAPETOWN on the 15th . 
i’ve never played a gig anywhere in africa before and i can’t tell you how excited i am !! for all tickets and information go to
and please spread the word if you can !!
see you all soon :-) 
mike xx

BRIGHTON – what a wicked start to the uk leg  can’t tell you how much it means to have such fantastic support in my hometown . playing two sold out shows at the Brighton Dome really does make me realise how much has happened over the last couple of years and just how much its grown . there was a time , not too long ago , where i would play my brighton gigs in the function room of my mates pub – we used to put two tables together to make a stage and i’d stand up there with my little busking amp in front of 50 people (some of whom i saw in the front row last night !!) i don’t think i will ever truly understand how fortunate i am but last night i think i glimpsed it for a second .
so much love and thanks . mike xx

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.14.55 pm

photo by andy mintram (thank you mate x)

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.25.23 am

two really wonderful gigs in BARCELONA and MADRID to wrap up an amazing european tour – what a fantastic month we’ve had . a huge thank you to everyone that came down to a show – i’m so so grateful of your support and they genuinely were some of the best shows i’ve ever done !!
also a massive thank you to my crew – its a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all .
nice to have a few days off before the UK and IRELAND leg kicks off – all shows sold out apart from dublin and the second london one . tickets available at
see you soon homeland 
mike xx

photo by bryan dos reis (legend)