BRISTOL and CARDIFF – you were wonderful !!! thank you for turning up and listening so beautifully – we had such a lovely weekend with you all .
really looking forward to BIRMINGHAM tonight !!!
instead of a gig photo , i wanted to show you this painting – its by a man called ken windsor – he posted it on my page a few days ago and i believe it was partly inspired by my song “golden leaves” …..
i think its really beautiful . here is his pintrest site if you wanna check out more of his work ! thanks so much ken and i hope you don’t mind me posting this mike x


SOUTH AFRICA – it is with enormous pleasure to say that i am coming to see you all in february !!!! i’ll be playing three shows – DURBAN on the 13th of Feb , JOHANNESBURG on the 14th and CAPETOWN on the 15th . 
i’ve never played a gig anywhere in africa before and i can’t tell you how excited i am !! for all tickets and information go to
and please spread the word if you can !!
see you all soon :-) 
mike xx

BRIGHTON – what a wicked start to the uk leg  can’t tell you how much it means to have such fantastic support in my hometown . playing two sold out shows at the Brighton Dome really does make me realise how much has happened over the last couple of years and just how much its grown . there was a time , not too long ago , where i would play my brighton gigs in the function room of my mates pub – we used to put two tables together to make a stage and i’d stand up there with my little busking amp in front of 50 people (some of whom i saw in the front row last night !!) i don’t think i will ever truly understand how fortunate i am but last night i think i glimpsed it for a second .
so much love and thanks . mike xx

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.14.55 pm

photo by andy mintram (thank you mate x)

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.25.23 am

two really wonderful gigs in BARCELONA and MADRID to wrap up an amazing european tour – what a fantastic month we’ve had . a huge thank you to everyone that came down to a show – i’m so so grateful of your support and they genuinely were some of the best shows i’ve ever done !!
also a massive thank you to my crew – its a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all .
nice to have a few days off before the UK and IRELAND leg kicks off – all shows sold out apart from dublin and the second london one . tickets available at
see you soon homeland 
mike xx

photo by bryan dos reis (legend)

 hello everyone , just to let you know that we now have a bunch of new merchandise available at our online store . feel free to go and have a browse here :-) xx

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PARIS – tuesdays gig was special for a number of reasons . first of all to be able to play at the Olympia (Paris) was incredible – its amazing to see how many legends have played at that venue and to be able to do the same felt pretty surreal 

secondly , to nearly sell it out and to play to such an attentive crowd was a total pleasure . a massive thanks to everyone that came down !!!!!

thirdly , my mum and dad came from england to watch the show . my dad used to live in paris in the early 70’s and when i told him months ago that i’d be playing at the olympia he laughed and told me that he’d seen Leonard Cohen play there in 1972 .

it just so happens that both my mum and dad have birthdays around this time of year so for a joint birthday present i booked them a little trip to paris to coincide with the show .

it was an amazingly emotional experience for me and i think for them too . what a crazy world this is – for my dad to have been in a room in paris as a man in his twenties watching leonard cohen and then forty years later to go back to the same place to watch his son perform …. bizarre and pretty cool !! anyway , sorry if this is a bit self indulgent but just wanted to share it with you all .

here they are taking an adorable selfie on the eurostar 

BARCELONA – can.not.wait.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.34.09 PM

all of the shows in GERMANY have been absolutely brilliant and MUNICH last night was up there with the best of them .
i love touring your country and i hope i can do it for many years to come . massiven danke Ihnen für all Ihre Unterstützung xx

just arrived in a beautiful and sunny PARIS and really looking forward to playing Olympia (Paris) tomorrow night . still a handful of tickets left i think . see you tomorrow frenchies xx

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MILAN – you were perfect !!! xxxxx


STOCKHOLM – I’m really glad to say that we’ll be coming back in a few weeks . the new date is the 11th of december and we’ll be playing at Arenan.
for those of you that had tickets for the cirkus gig – they will still be valid .
if for whatever reason those details don’t work for you then i believe refunds are available at until Nov 14th by contacting you’re ticket provider
really hope that you can all make it – its gonna be a special one as it’ll be the last passenger gig of 2014 .
again sorry for all the messing around .
loads of love and see you soon xxx


PASSENGERS – here is the video for my new single “27” . we shot it in L.A last month and it was a ridiculously fun day (although it was 106 degrees ….) i hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it !
a huge thanks to all of the crew and cast for being so much fun and such pros !!
as always , if you guys like it then please share it around as much as you can – i can’t tell you how much it helps .
loads of love .
mike xx

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