what a wonderful few weeks of festivals !!
we’ve been all over europe and finished off on saturday night with a perfect gig at Blue Balls Festival . thanks so much to everyone who came to watch my shows !!!
a few days off now before the AMERICAN tour kicks off  so excited to come and see you guys again !!
still some tickets available for some of the shows – you can grab them from if you so wish 
loads of love . mike xxx

ANCONA – last night was completely magical !! One of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing . I know I’ve been saying this stuff a lot recently but I just feel so stupidly lucky to be able to play these gigs … Last night I played in a courtyard in an Italian castle …. To a thousand people who knew all the words to my songs …. This will never stop blowing my mind .THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!Day off at lake como today before our last European gig of the summer tomorrow at blue balls festival in Switzerland 

See ya there xxx


SCOTLAND – at last !!!!! Tickets are now on sale for the GLASGOW and EDINBURGH shows in November . Grab them

ITALY – the gig last night in ROME was absolutely beautiful  thanks so much to everyone that came down and also to the lumineers for having me along !
We drove across the country today and we’re now in ANCONA – really looking forward to seeing you guys tonight xxx

ROME – yesterdays busk was fantastic !! and finished just before the police came haha . thank you so much for coming down !!
I’m playing ROCK in ROMA tonight with The Lumineers …. still tickets left if any of you fancy coming down !! xxx

hello you lot , just to let you know that my best mate Stu Larsen has just released his new album “vagabond” – i had the privilege of playing and singing backing vocals on the record and i couldn’t be more proud of it and him . if you have time you should definitely check it out !!! xx

last night i played my biggest headline show ever . 18,000 people apparently !!! ridiculous  COPENHAGEN – thank you for turning out in such huge numbers and for being the most amazing crowd . every gig i’ve played in denmark has been amazing but last night was truly magical . i’ll remember it forever . thank you xxxx

photo by Mads Svaneklink


Hey guys , here’s a little bit of behind the scenes footage from the scare away the dark video shoot. It was so much fun to make xx
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.20.58 PM

Just thought i’d share this with you … Someone put scare away the dark to an epic World Cup montage … So cool  x
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.18.08 PM

what a weekend !! busking in STOCKHOLM was loads of fun and then two great sets at Bråvalla festival and concert at SEA . we honestly had the best time .
looking forward to coming back to SWEDEN and HOLLAND in november …. all tickets here xxxx

GERMANY – thanks for the best weekend two great shows at Southside Festival and Hurricane Festival !!!!! got to catch up with this dude too  really looking forward to coming back later on in the year for my own gigs…..for all tickets go to of love xxxxxby the way Ed Sheeran‘s new record came out today – its flipping amazing ! check it out xxx
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 2.22.08 PM

MADRID – sorry for the really long wait . i can finally announce that i’ll be playing a show in your beautiful city in october . head here for details and ticket

GERMANY – i will be doing a tiny little filmed gig with AMPYA this saturday night you can check it out how to get tickets here

SOUTH AFRICA – thank you all so much for the support ! we’re trying to figure out coming down to play some shows for you guys soon …. in the meantime you can grab the new record over at iTunes now thank you all so much xx

Official Isle of Wight Festival - yesterday was ridiculous  i think it was the biggest crowd i’ve played to and you were absolutely perfect thank you !!!!also a massive thank you to Bergenfest and NORWEGIAN WOOD FESTIVALEN for having me , two beautiful festivals – looking forward to coming back to NORWAY in october – tickets available from if you guys are keen . loads of love . mike xxx
The wonderful people at Absolute Radio recorded a few songs from my set – you can check them out here:

right then , here it is – the video for my new single “scare away the dark” !!!!
we had so much fun making it – massive thank you to everybody involved (especially the actors that ran around like naked lunatics in a field in the middle of nowhere on a monday morning …. LEGENDS !! ) 
I’m really really proud of this and hope you guys like it !! 
if you do like it then please ( and i promise this is the last time i ask for a while ….) feel free to share it around as much as you can – it makes a massive difference !
thank you so much in advance . mike xx
Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.40.49 PM

thank you so much for all of your lovely feedback on the album !!! so glad you’re enjoying it :-) for everybody in the UK the album is now out and its currently sitting at no 4 in the iTunes chart …. you little beauties !!!!!!!!! thank you very very much xxx

PASSENGERS – it feels absolutely amazing to finally have the album out ( in some parts of the world at least …. uk , us and canada will be early next week .)
i wanted to share just one more acoustic track with you . its a song called golden leaves .
we filmed it at at Linear studios in sydney which is where we recorded the entire album . as ever , please share it around if you can – i can’t tell you how much that stuff helps to spread the word .
thank you all so so much . mike xx
Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.24.45 PM

it gives me great pleasure to say that whispers is now available throughout EUROPE (excluding the uk …. it will be out on monday for you guys) massive massive thank you to everyone in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – the record is currently at number 1 in the the nz iTunes chart and no 2 in oz …. your support is phenomenal !!!! xxxxx

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – I am delighted to say that my new album “whispers” is now out and available . I really hope you enjoy it . Loads of love. Mike xxx

hello guys , thank you all so much for watching and sharing yesterdays video !!! it means the world to me  here is the second clip that we made last week – its in amsterdam’s beautiful vondel park and its for a song called “start a fire” . 
this is one of my favourite tracks on the new album and again one that doesn’t often get played at gigs . it’s a really massive production on the record with strings and brass and backing vocals etc so i thought it would be nice to counter balance it with this very simple and stripped back version .
again , your likes , comments and shares are massively appreciated .
can’t flipping wait for this albium to come out AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  xxxxxxxxx
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.07.12 AM

just got my hands on this bad boy  what a little beauty !! go here if you fancy one xxx
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.03.45 AM

hello you lot  here is a little video that we made last week when we were in amsterdam . its a song called “coins in a fountain” and its the opening track on my new album “whispers” which comes out in just a few days time . 
its a song that i don’t often play live and its one that a lot of you probably won’t know … i wanted to share this acoustic version with you all before the album comes out .
massive thanks to Berry for letting us film inside their beautiful cafe when the rain came down !!!! (if you live in amsterdam go and get a coffee from these guys – its flipping good !!)
and please , if you enjoy this video then feel free to share it with your friends .
loads of love . mike xx
Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.43.15 AM

WHISPERS COMES OUT IN A FEW DAYS !!!! and you can now have a sneaky listen to the whole thing over on iTunes …. really hope you like it xx

ok , tickets for my AUSTRALIAN and NEW ZEALAND gigs are now available for general sale – just go here to get yours …. we’ve had an amazing response so far . massive thanks to all of you that have already got your tickets . all dates are written out below – i can’t flipping wait .
here is a little springsteen cover , again filmed at the sydney busk . love ya xxx
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.12.50 AM

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – pre sale tickets are available this morning for all of the january & february gigs head to the ticket page hereits also not too late to register and get the password … just register to the Passenger Mailing list (just the the right of this box)

otherwise general sale will be this friday at 11am local time .
to celebrate , here is a little video of me busking by sydney opera house last month …. it was such a beautiful day . hope you like it xxx
Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.05.24 PM

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND –  I’m delighted to say that i will be coming over again in january !!! I can’t wait and I’m thrilled that i’ll be able to spend a bit more time and play a few more shows than i have recently . tickets go on sale at 9am on friday the 30th but if you want to make sure you get in first then sign up to the mailing list and you will be sent a password which will allow you to buy tickets 48 hours before general sale . please feel free to share this post and spread the word if you can . loads of love . mike xx” 

i have to share this with you all – i just got given a physical copy of the deluxe version of whispers and its the most beautiful little thing on the planet !! im so delighted with it the best bit is the pop up artwork in the inlay cover !! i never thought we would actually be able to do it – the whole idea behind the artwork is to make the packaging feel like a children’s story book and having the pop up just reminds me so much of books that i used to read as a little oneI’ve attached a couple of shots although i don’t think it does it justice …. these are limited edition and if you want to you can preorder them now:

thanks so much to sarah lanarch for her incredible artwork and bringing this whole thing together so quickly . sarah has done the artwork for the last couple of passenger albums and i always love what she does but this has just blown my tiny little mind . check out her website – she is genuinely incredible !

so so excited for this album to come out !!!!!

mike xxxxxxx


hey guys , here are the festivals that i’ll be playing over the summer – its gonna be an amazing couple of months hopefully see some of you along the way !!

GLASGOW – today couldn’t have been any better . perfect weather and the most amazing crowd . i feel so lucky – thank you all very much !!!! 

last of the uk busking in EDINBURGH tomorrow . more details to follow in the morning xx


BELFAST – what an epic busk !! one of my favourites ever … such a cool location for it and just the most amazing crowd . can’t wait to come back to the waterfront in november !! 

SCOTLAND – i’ll be busking in GLASGOW tomorrow and EDINBURGH on wednesday . again we have indoor options if that famous scottish weather turns up check back tomorrow at 10am for exact time and location . see ya soon xxx



MANCHESTER – it is pretty rainy today so we’ve found a really cool little indoor space – it’s called cathedral on the street – it’s a brown and white building just next to Manchester cathedral , Victoria street , m3 1sx …. I’ll start at about 1230 . Come on down xxx


BIRMINGHAM – so lucky today with the weather …. can’t believe the rain held off til my last song  i was blown away that so many people came to listen on such a grey old day . you’re all complete legends !

MANCHESTER – we have just arrived and we’re hoping to busk tomorrow …. weather is looking very “manchesterish” and i suspect we might not be so lucky … we’re on the hunt for an indoor back up plan so either way there should be some thing going on tomorrow lunchtime – will let you know the plan in the morning  

loving being in this part of the world again ….. its been too long xx


LONDON – yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect . incredible weather and such an amazing crowd raised a bit of cash for The Big Issue too – great to be working with these guys over the next week or so .

BIRMINGHAM – you guys up for a busk tomorrow lunchtime ?details coming in the morning xx


had such a nice day yesterday … BRIGHTON at its beautiful best !! thanks to everyone for coming down .

thinking of busking in LONDON tomorrow – ridiculously i’ve never busked here before ….. you guys around ??
will post details at 10am tomorrow xxx



UK AND IRELAND – just wanted to give you a heads up that i’ll be doing a load of busking over the next week or so – i haven’t busked in this part of the world for ages and i genuinely can’t wait to get out and see you all again :-)
as long as the weather is kind to us i’ll be starting tomorrow in my hometown of BRIGHTON :-) check back at around 10am tomorrow morning for exact location and time.

 Also i’m delighted to say that we’ve added another LONDON and BRIGHTON date to the uk tour – go to this link to get your tickets xxx

Click Here For Tickets



i’m delighted to say that tickets for all of my 2014 headline shows are now available from the link below
don’t worry if you’re in scotland –  gig info will be with you shortly . the same applies for madrid and stockholm . 
there will also be news for the southern hemisphere as soon as possible .
thanks for baring with us and looking forward to seeing you all very soon . mike xxx

Click Here For Tickets


Whispers Tour 2014 – Tickets on General Sale 9am your local time 

hello you lot , the presale tickets have rushed out the door . thank you to everybody who bought them and sorry to those of you that tried and couldn’t ….. don’t worry if you haven’t got yours yet – there are still tickets left for all gigs and they will go on sale at 9am local time , tomorrow morning – april 25th – from the link below might be an idea to get in early for some of the smaller venues if you can . flipping exciting ….. :-)

Click Here For Tickets


North American Tour 2014

8/2 The Buckhead Theatre Atlanta
8/3 Marathon Music Works Nashville
8/5 Amos’ Southend Charlotte
8/6 Echostage Washington DC
8/8 Electric Factory Philadelphia
8/10 Central Park Summerstage New York
8/13 House of Blues Boston
8/14 Metropolis Montreal
8/16 The Sound Academy Toronto
8/17 St Andrews Hall Detroit
8/19 Newport Music Hall Columbus
8/20 Deluxe @ Old National Centre Indianapolis
8/22 Vic Theatre Chicago
8/24 First Avenue Minneapolis
8/30 Stubbs Waller Creek Amphitheatre Austin
8/31 House Of Blues Dallas
9/3 Ogden Theatre Denver
9/6 Showbox SoDo Seattle
9/7 Malkin Bowl Vancouver
9/9 Crystal Ballroom Portland
9/11 Fox Theatre Oakland
9/13 The Wiltern Los Angeles
9/14 House of Blues San Diego


European Tour 2014

3/10 Lotto Arena Antwerp
4/10 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
7/10 Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam
9/10 Sporthalle Hamburg
11/10 Sentrum Scene Oslo
14/10 Falconcer Salen Copenhagen
16/10 Sasazu Prague
18/10 Gasometer Vienna
19/10 Columbianhalle Berlin
21/10 Palladium Cologne
23/10 Eishalle Deutweg Switzerland
24/10 Magazinni Generali Milan
26/10 Zenith Munich
28/10 Olympia Paris
30/10 Razzmatazz Barcelona
Details Coming Soon Madrid


UK & Ireland Tour 2014

9/11 Dome Brighton
12/11 O2 Academy Bournemouth
13/11 Pavillions Plymouth
15/11 O2 Academy Bristol
16/11 The Great Hall Cardiff
18/11 O2 Academy Birmingham
19/11 O2 Apollo Manchester
22/11 O2 Arena Dublin
23/11 The Waterfront Belfast
Details Coming Soon Glasgow
Details Coming Soon Edinburgh
27/11 O2 Academy Newcastle
29/11 O2 Academy Leeds
30/11 Rock City Nottingham
3/12 UEA Norwich
4/12 Corn Exchange Cambridge
7/12 Eventim Apollo London

Whispers Tour 2014 – Fan pre-sale details

As promised, we’re giving you the opportunity to get your tickets 48 hours before they go on general sale with our fan presale.

Presale opens from Wednesday 23 April, 09:00 (local time)
If you have the password

Click Here For Tickets

we’re still working on australian , new zealand and asian dates so please bear with us on them . i promise they will be coming soon . 

tickets will go on general sale on the 25th of this month . however,  you can get in a couple of days earlier and have the chance to get the tickets you want by following this link and registering your details 

i’m sorry if i’m not getting close by to where you live at the moment – we’re honestly trying to get everywhere we can  as i said there are still a lot of dates to be added . 

can’t wait to take this new album out on the road and see all of your lovely faces again . 

loads of love . mike xxx


PASSENGERS – as i said i have a few exciting things to share with you today … here’s the first one ….

my brand new single “heart’s on fire” is now out and available around the world  

if you’re in the uk then go here

if you’re in the republic of ireland go here

and the rest of the world can grab it from here

we made this video for it in a forest somewhere in australia with a bunch of mates . huge thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography for somehow making this possible !

this is a really big deal for me and everyone i work with, if you like the video and want to do us a massive favour than please feel free to share it with you’re friends .

it feels so good to finally be getting new music out . thank you all so so much for listening,  i’ll never be able to explain how much it means . 

mike xxxx

passenger-hof-screenshot [2 of 4] [Image by Jarrad Seng]

hello everyone, just to give you all a heads up – we’ve got loads of exciting stuff to tell you about tomorrow !!! its taken a while to get it all organised (sorry) but keep an eye out over the next 24 hours for some single and tour related news  xxxxx

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.57.35 PM

hello passengers , i’m delighted to say that my new album “whispers” will be released in early june !! you can now pre-order your digital or physical copy from this website. 

here is a video that we made for the title track whilst we were in the studio . 

massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography and to all of the incredible musicians who gave their time and talent to this record – i genuinely feel this is the best one so far . please feel free to share this video with your friends . thank you all so much . mike xxxx

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.51.59 PM

this was so much fun :) 

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 12.56.13 PM


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