HOLLAND – you were incredible as always and the perfect way to end this year’s european festival run !
we’ve had the most extraordinary few months visiting some beautiful places , meeting some amazing people and playing some of my favourite gigs of all time :)
thank you so so much to everyone who came along to the shows and also to the rest of you for following our journey through the photos and videos that we’ve been putting up on here !
none of this would be possible without you and i’m eternally grateful xxx

here’s a crazy photo taken by hans peter van velthoven (thank you mate !) at Lowlands Festival on sunday ! thank you all so much again .
mike xxxx


BELGIUM – it was lovely to see you all yesterday ! thanks so much for having me at Pukkelpop – we had a great time !!
enjoying a cheeky little day off in amsterdam today and then the last european show of the summer tomorrow at Lowlands Festival – really looking forward to this one xxx

big thanks to Damon De Backer Photography for taking these cool snaps :)


SLOVAKIA – thank you all so much for coming along on tuesday !!! what a fantastic gig and such a great way to end our time in eastern europe !!! thanks to everyone for coming along to the shows – i will definitely be back that way next year xxxxx

sad to say goodbye to my little buddies Jarrad Seng Photography and Stu Larsen …. its been amazing to have you both with us for the last couple of months !! thank you for everything xxx

two more shows in europe – Pukkelpop tomorrow and Lowlands Festival on sunday ….. can’t wait !! xxx


HUNGARY – completely and utterly amazing !!! Sziget Festival Official was totally insane and so much fun . you guys were the most phenomenal crowd – so much love and energy and so many of you !! thank you all for destroying the death star with me haha :)

SLOVAKIA – hello :) can’t wait to play tomorrow night !!! due to predicted bad weather the concert has moved to a different venue . it will now be at Stará tržnica . think there are still a few tickets available !! see you guys soon xx

photos by Jarrad Seng Photography


AUSTRIA – what a magical night :) so cool to have half of the audience standing in the Danube river haha !!! massive thanks to all of you for coming down and look forward to coming back soon xxx

BUDAPEST – you’re looking quite lovely …. xx


photo by Jarrad Seng Photography