WHISPERS 2 IS OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!! and available worldwide . for a digital copy go here, for a physical copy of the cd go here,  (we should have vinyl copies available in two/three weeks too …. more news on that shortly .)
i am releasing this album independently on my own label (black crow records) and there are no other record labels involved in the marketing and distribution . the upside of this is that it enables us to give as much money to UNICEF as possible . the downside is that at the moment all physical copies have to be shipped from the uk which unfortunately means there is a postage and packaging cost involved . sorry to those of you who have to pay a little more but be assured that there is good reason for it :-)
the video below is a vimeo file so can now be watched in germany . it is in my opinion some of my friend bryan dos reis’s best work (and that is saying something !) its a short film which includes the four video’s that we have already released plus the fifth and final one and links them all together with more footage from my european tour and some music from some of my fellow busking buddies that we met along the way . I’m so lucky to have worked with bryan on this and i really hope you enjoy it .
as i mentioned earlier , there is absolutely no money being spent on marketing . none of these songs are ever likely to get on the radio and chances are it won’t get picked up by the  press in a big way . this entire project is based on word of mouth so please , if you can , share the video’s , the music and the message with as many people as possible . even if you can’t afford to buy a copy of the album – the sharing of it is just as vital .
i’m really proud of this record – both musically and also the cause that its contributing to . i want to thank all of you for getting behind it in such an amazing way and i really do hope that you enjoy listening to it . i’m so so lucky to have such generous and genuine people supporting me and what i do .
a special thanks to dan medland , tim clark , david enthoven , rebekah tayler , hannah crofts and every one at i.e. music for believing in this project and for working so hard to make it a reality . also a huge thanks to chris valejo for engineering and co producing the record with me . to sarah lanarch for her gorgeous art work and to bryan dos reis for this amazing short film and video work .
thank you again .
mike .
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hello passengers , whispers two comes out in less than a week !!!
here is the fourth video from the album – its called “catch in the dark” and its a song that i wrote a few years ago whilst on tour in holland . You can see it here :)

we thought it would be fun to make a video whilst walking around to show off some of the stunning places i played gigs in and also to see what kind of reaction we’d get from people around us. ( check out the kids in berlin ….. cheeky little rascals !! ) we had so much fun making it and watching it back now makes me realise just how lucky i am to visit such beautiful towns !!!
by the way – we’ve already raised over £30,000 for UNICEF UK on pre sales alone :) its amazing what a group of kind hearted and like minded people can achieve . thank you all so so much for backing this project .
if you haven’t got yours yet you can pre order both physical and digital copies here.
as always , every like , comment and share is greatly appreciated .
so much love .
mike xxxx

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U.K PASSENGERS – this is a really special announcement !!!! to celebrate the release of whispers two i will be doing two very intimate gigs next weekend ! on friday the 17th april i will be performing at the union chapel in LONDON and on sunday the 19th april (which is the day before the release) I’m going to play at my mates pub BLEACH in BRIGHTON, these will be very unique shows as i will just be playing songs from whispers two ( a heads up now … i won’t be playing let her go haha ) tickets are extremely limited so grab yours now from the link below . its £20 to get in and all of the money raised will be going to UNICEF UK (thanks to Ticketmaster United Kingdom and Union Chapel for being so generous !!) these are going to be really special little gigs and I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there .

Tickets from here

hello everyone and happy easter !! hope you’ve all had a great weekend !
here is the third video in the whispers two series . the song is called “fear of fear” and is actually the opening track on the album .
its different to the previous two in that it isn’t character based and doesn’t tell a story about somebody else .
i remember writing it a few years ago one morning with a terrible hangover . i’d been out the night before and for some reason i hadn’t enjoyed it . i don’t know if anyone else ever feels like this but i sometimes think those kinds of social situations can be some of the loneliest times . surrounded by people but feeling completely disconnected ?! dunno , probably me just being a moody singer songwriter …. haha sorry :)

the video was all very last minute – we filmed this in my mates pub in brighton ( massive thanks to john and everyone at Good Companions for having us ) and all of the fantastic extras that you will see were very kind passenger fans that turned up to help out with about 3 hours notice – it was such a fun couple of hours and i can’t believe how accommodating everybody was ( special thanks to the ones that actually got drunk in real life to get in to character …. at 9am …. thats true commitment ;-))
i was in the middle of a very long tour so i think i look a bit knackered but i guess it adds to the general sentiment :)

please as always press the like button if you like it and share it around if you feel comfortable to do so !
you can preorder your copy of whispers two here and remember all profit from every sale goes directly to UNICEF UK .
thank you all as always and take care til next time .
mike xxx

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hello everyone , hope this finds you well !!

thank you all so much for the incredible response to whispers 2 and last weeks video ! i think it got more shares than any other video that we’ve released and i really do appreciate it . its so amazing to see you all get behind the charity aspect of the project so passionately and makes me really excited about what we can achieve together :)

here is the second little taster from the album .
the song is called “david” – i used to play it live all the time so some of you might remember it …. its about a guy that i met outside a hostel that i was staying at in glasgow a few years ago and its definitely one of my favourites from the new record .
once again a huge thank you to bryan dos reis ( for his remarkable film making talent and patience .
really hope you like it and (sorry , i know I’m a broken record ….. ) please share it around if you can – it makes such a huge difference .
loads of love . mike x

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