To Be Free (Official Video)

August 10, 2018
To Be Free (Official Video)

Hey guys !We have a really special song and video for you today – special for me at least …. For a number of reasons ….The song is called “to be free” and it tells the story of my dad and his family .Ziggy (my grandad) was German and Molly (my grandmother) was polish . They […]
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Heart to Love (Official Video)

July 21, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone !!

I am delighted to be able to share the 4th video from my new album “runaway” with you all !!

Its called “heart to love” and its so good to finally get this bad boy out in to the world …. Its a song that I wrote a few years ago and has been waiting in the wings for a long time . We’ve tried to record it several times but for one reason or another it just hadn’t felt right until now …..

The video was very interesting to make …. we shot it in Las Vegas and only had one evening / one chance to get it right .

Its a really simple performance video other than one major thing … we slowed the track down to half time speed so I basically had to walk along in a very crowded area performing the song to camera in slow mo ….its harder than it sounds ! We got some extremely weird looks but as it was Las Vegas there were thankfully a lot of people doing weird stuff everywhere so I think we blended in nicely 😉

As always , please feel free to share this around . The love and support for this project so far has been humbling . Thank you all so much xxx

Ps I can’t believe the album comes out in 6 weeks !!!!

Runaway (Behind the Scenes)

July 13, 2018

Hello everyone !

Hope you’re all happy and well 🙂

Thanks so much for all the love for the “runaway” video !! Can’t tell you how much it means …

Here is a little insight in to how we made it … enjoy xx

Runaway (Acoustic Live)

July 6, 2018

Happy Friday everyone !! Hope you’ve all had a beautiful week 🙂

Here is a new live and acoustic video of “runaway” .

We filmed it in the most amazing spot in Joshua tree national park in California ….. what a place !!

Please forgive the very questionable decision making behind the choice of shirt …..I think I got a bit carried away with the “desert theme” …. I’m sure I had a similar pair of pyjamas when I was about 8yrs old 🙂

Massive thanks as always to Jarrad Seng Photography , Stu Larsen and chris Vallejo for doing such a great job !

Hope you guys like it and as always let us know what you think !

Thanks for watching .

Mike x

Ps If you’re enjoying these stripped back versions then remember they all come as part of the deluxe package of the album … just saying 😉

Ottawa Bluesfest

July 5, 2018

CANADA – it is truly a pleasure to be back here 🙂 we have a hectic but really fun looking few days coming up …. tonight I’m playing at Ottawa Bluesfest (at the same time as Canadian hero Bryan Adams …. o-oh) tomorrow night we’re in Quebec City at the Festival d’été de Québec and then on Sunday we’re at the Winnipeg Folk Festival …. can’t wait for all of it ! see ya soon xx photo by Stu Larsen

Americana Roadtrip Playlist

June 30, 2018

Hey guys !
Hope you’re enjoying the new video for “runaway” ?! our friends over at Spotify have kindly added it to the Americana Roadtrip playlist as a snazzy new vertical video ! Check it out here

New single – Runaway

June 29, 2018

Hello everyone !!!

Here is the third video from the new album and it is the title track “RUNAWAY”!!!

It is a really special one as it consists of footage from pretty much everywhere that we went to on our American road trip ….

The idea was to have it look like I ran across the entire country “Forrest Gump style” (although sadly I couldn’t grow such an impressive beard in the allotted time … )

To watch it back makes me realise a few things – what an amazing adventure we had and how many incredible places we got to experience along the way . Also what a ridiculously exhausting and stupidly ambitious idea this was haha . So glad we saw it through though and I really hope you all enjoy it .

Please , if only for the amount of times that I had to change back in to the same clothes , like / comment / share with your pals !!

Loads of love .

Mike xx

Ps for a sneaky early look at the acoustic video head over to ( now – thanks so much to Apple Music for the support 🙂

Pps if you’re digging the new songs and want to be really organised you can pre order the record here 😉

Australia and New Zealand Tour on Sale Now

June 29, 2018

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND – general sale tickets are now available for the November tour !!

All of the shows will be solo acoustic and we’ve opted for some slightly smaller rooms to ensure that they’re really special and intimate gigs .

Really looking forward to it . See ya soon .

Mike xx

All official tickets from –

Australia and New Zealand Ticket Pre-Sale Now Live

June 27, 2018


Delighted to announce that I’ll be heading back your way towards the end of the year to play a handful of gigs in some of my favourite spots – can’t flipping wait 

Pre sale tickets are now available for those of you on the mailing list . If you’re not on the mailing list already then you can join heeeeeeeeeeeere –

Otherwise general sale will go live on Friday morning at 11am (SYD) from

See you all soon xx